Mildberry brand building solutions

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Launch of innovative product on the market is always an interesting and difficult task. Upon launching the new bio-oat product called VELLE our consultancy was facing a few strategic tasks all at the same time: ‘hook the consumer’, tell him/her about the product’s advantages (its nutritional value, natural ingredients and flavour) and its unique features. We got down to implementing this project practically from ‘ground zero’ since there wasn’t anything because a beautiful legend and Karelian (a region in Northern Russia) product which was truly one of a kind in Russia. Throughout a few month-long period we developed and tested the brand platform, the design of key identifiers, the package and strategy for launching the brand onto the market.

VELLE started to be in constant demand as soon as it appeared on the grocery store shelves, but its promotion required serious investments, which were done a few years later. Currently, VELLE is actively moving up in the industry and expanding its market presence. According to Forbes magazine it has cracked the Top-10 of best Russian brands created in the last 10 years and became an example of the successful emergence of a new product which has managed to occupy a solid spot on the market, along with in consumers’ shopping carts.