Mildberry brand building solutions

visual identity, brand book


Viktor&Co is the largest real estate developing company in Volga region and positions itself as an industry leader and standard setter. The company focuses on the construction, management and servicing of commercial and mall/entertainment centres. The company called upon Mildberry to solve the task of developing a brand, which would strengthen Victor&Co’s leading position on the regional market and create the necessary prerequisites for future development.

The idea for the brand was embodied in the visual identity whose foundation was a triple ‘V’ corresponding to the number of company owners and resembling not only the victory sign, but a crown expressing the brand’s status. Modernity, innovativeness and progressiveness, becoming part of the brand’s philosophy, were revealed in the colour palette, along with in its typography and the compositional solutions of the logotype.

Sonic branding, developed by our consultancy, became one of the project’s stages as well. It served as yet another instrument allowing Viktor&Co to make their brand bright and recognisable.

Today, Viktor&Co still remains at the top of their region while implementing large-scale projects. The acquisition of its own corporate brand helped it reinforce its reputation as a leader while making the company more recognisable and its communication more effective.