Mildberry brand building solutions

package design


"Everything we do, we do for women" — that's the mission of Taber Trade's Podrygka chain of cosmetic stores. The chain boasts over a million regular customers most of whom are active open minded girls who keep abreast of all the product innovations and tend to try out new things looking for good value for money. The team of the Podrygka chain strives to meet women's needs and creates products to cater for any kind of situation or mood, offering a wide selections of private label products.

VOX is one of these mid-range private labels developed by Mildberry. Today VOX portfolio includes the whole range of products that help women get rid of unwanted hair, such as facial and body hair removal products, post hair removal skin care products as well as wet shaving supplies: razors and gels.

With the product portfolio expanding and consumer expectations rising, the brand was soon in need of an upgrade. Mildberry was tasked with redesigning the VOX brand while preserving its continuity and recognition among its current target audience.

In the age of Instagram, the visual representation of a product can be just as important as the product itself. Social media play a huge role in influencing purchases in the beauty industry: 72% of Instagram users have bought clothes or cosmetics after seeing the product on this platform.

For this reason, we needed to shift the focus from the negative associations people usually have with this painful process, towards recasting hair removal as an enjoyable beauty ritual that a modern girl can indulge in and share on her social media. At the functional level we focused on enhancing the differentiation of product lines, simplifying navigation among the products while also stressing the high European quality of the brand.

The design system we developed can easily scale to a large number of products and product categories in the VOX brand, making it easier for the consumer to choose the product they need. The tender color scheme and the airy water color illustrations create a gentle, feminine, yet very modern image of an enjoyable beauty ritual. The neat and simple way of presenting information creates an image of a helper-brand whose advice you can trust just like your best friend.

"Mildberry hit all the marks. The result exceeded our wildest expectations. Creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and focus on customer needs — those are some of the qualities that make our cooperation with Mildberry very interesting and extremely useful," says Anastasia Samokhvalova, Head of Taber Trade's Skincare division.