Mildberry brand building solutions

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The spring of 2013 brought an unexpected declaration “I am romantic…” onto the billboards of St. Petersburg, leaving residents of the city wonder what that could possibly be. Eventually, even more curious occasion followed. A group of singing and dancing strangers emerged on the streets, giving out flowers and balloons to passers-by and inviting the crowd to join romantic contests. Very few reckoned it was a promotion of the “I am romantic…” estate promotion project. The communication targeted at young and creative, who rejoice life and do not fall for the routine.

Mildberry was assigned to elaborate the visual identification for the project supporting its romantic vibe. A heraldic logo emphasizes the distinction of the estate concept taking it far head. The logo also uncovers the infrastructure of the “I am romantic…”.

The estate complex is located on Vasilyevski Island, which is traditionally associated with the philosophy of St Peterburg city-romance. The Baltic sea, late night breeze, starry skies — what else could possibly reflect the dreamy essence of the project? The complex includes a variety of facilities and features like an observatory, schools, kinder gardens, cycling-tracks and play-fields.

The deadline of the project is scheduled on the 3d quarter of 2016, but the majority of the apartments have already been sold out. That means that SEVEN SUNS and Mildberry established visual communication with the key target audience.

I am a Romantic live