Mildberry brand building solutions

Retail branding projects require a particular approach and combine the designer’s ideas with architectural, engineering and technological solutions. This is, however, only a part of what modern retail needs. Retail today is beyond the conventional, and modern technology changes its development strategies substantially, expands its toolkit and sets new goals. 

Unique formats emerging at the confluence of different categories, omni-channel concepts, interactive techniques and more inspire us to develop solutions for creating and implementing new, up-to-date retail brands and make existing brands more attractive and effective. 
Nowadays companies pay particular attention to their corporate brands, brand positioning, brand identity and brand communication, which contribute to a large extent to their reputation and their prospects for growth. 

By developing strong corporate brands for our clients, we invest in finding solutions to new business issues: how to respond to rapid changes in target audiences, business environments, markets, technologies and communications and how to prepare companies for such changes. 

An emerging new type of consumer, changing consumption models for goods and services, and a completely different competitive environment make it necessary to rethink the essence of your business, redesign existing business processes and build corporate culture that will help to successfully transform businesses. 

This is a multidimensional task that requires a large number of competences and knowledge of business processes, consumers, communications, modern technologies as well as the experience gained by many companies that are successful in meeting such challenges across the world. 
We have maintained our focus on consumer branding since our company’s inception in 1999. Brand positioning concepts and brand names development, design of brand identity core elements, package design and brand communication strategies development are a significant part of our services. 

At the same time a modern vision of branding makes it necessary to rethink our professional priorities and broaden the range of our services. Mildberry today successfully solves a wide range of marketing and branding tasks including the development and implementation of programmes aiming to shape positive customer experience, new products and services development, the implementation of digital marketing platforms that helps communicating effectively with consumers. 
Mildberry invests in the search for new ideas, knowledge and prospects. The development of professional content, participation in a variety of events and the organisation of our own are an important business component to us. We cooperate with the leading business media, the opinion pieces of Mildberry's experts are regularly published in various printed materials. Our speakers take part in the leading sectoral and business forums in Russia and abroad.

Our projects include Mildberry Future Talks, a closed business discussion club for business owners, top managers and the marketing directors of companies where they dwell on the most relevant and most important corporate development issues, new marketing technologies, real success stories from various business sectors.

If you are interested in participating in Mildberry Future Talks project or you have any ideas regarding cooperation in content development, please e-mail us at
Today, the world is changing more rapidly than ever before in human history. The way how people perceive and consume information, products and services is changing, too. Marketing and business approaches that work today will no longer work tomorrow.

For many decades, investment in the development and creation of strong brands has served as the strategy basis for most companies.

Amid new realities, the achievement of competitive advantages requires going beyond conventional approaches and expanding habitual toolkit. Strong brands remain the main asset, but objectives related to unique customer experience shaping are becoming increasingly important — as such experience allows building long-term relationship under ever-changing conditions, uncompromising competition, as well as actively developing digital media and digital technologies.

Unique customer experience shaping is a challenge that requires consolidating many competencies and shaping the teams that can develop and implement integrated technology solutions.

Mildberry is a cross-functional team focused on improving the way companies do business and engage with customers in today's fast-paced, multichannel world.

We bring creativity, technologies and human-centered thinking to everything our clients do. From operations to marketing. From how our clients develop products and services to how they deliver and communicate.

We provide our clients with integrated brand building and customer experience management solutions, taking advantage of digital opportunities to innovate and respond immediately to market challenges.


Mildberry was established in 1999 as a brand consultancy. In the period from 2003 to 2009, Mildberry founded offices in London, Brussels, Milan and Dubai. In 2014, Mildberry won large contracts in China and one year later opened offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Today Mildberry provides services globally and invests in unique expertise, which go far beyond conventional branding.

Projects and their description, available from the agency's website, are only a part that we can publish. Detailed information about our services, opportunities and know-how is mostly available during personal meetings and presentations.