Mildberry brand building solutions

Brand positioning, strategy, platform and communications strategy, new visual identity, brand book


Unilever and Mildberry have accomplished the repositioning project of Brooke Bond, the Russian legendary tea brand. During the project the joint team created and implemented a new positioning concept, communication strategy as well as the flavours line of the product.

For the last few years the market share of Brooke Bond, one of the famous Unilever brands (in Russia – since 1995) has been stagnating. In order to achieve the brand obviously required conceptual changes in positioning, package design and communication.

Unilever assigned Mildberry with the whole bunch of tasks: to uncover the commercial potential of the Brooke Bond trademark, by increasing its sales; to present the consumers of mainstream segment a product with an enhanced recipe, an eye-catching packaging and new positioning.

Brooke Bond has been positioning itself as «tea, which reinvigorates you» for 20 years, and now Mildberry was supposed to discover new senses in this brand positioning.

Mildberry collaborated with Unilever and researched sales data, potential volume of market segments and consumer insights of the brand. During the research of consumer behaviour, buying triggers and national tea drinking habits the strategic team figured out that understanding and circumstances of tea consuming in Russia differ from current positioning of the brand.

The obtained data became a fundamental element in designing a new strategy. Mildberry offered Unilever quite a revolutionary approach of changing the brand positioning territory and concept. And if earlier Brooke Bond used to be a «reinvigorating tea», now it was supposed to become a “tea, which brings a feel of home”.

The updated concept was sent to consumer tests, which confirmed Mildberry strategic team’s assumption: new territory turned out to be more relevant for the brand.

Focus-groups gave their preference to «home sweet home» concept, which is based on the feel of home. First of all, home is not just a facility or a location, it is a cozy, comfortable atmosphere, your family and sweethearts, it is everything that keeps you balanced.  

Unilever Russia embraced new brand positioning with enthusiasm and persuaded the company’s head office to support this decision.

Mildberry together with Unilever has repositioned the brand, designed its new strategy and platform, communication program and has developed its visual identity and a brand book.  

Brooke Bond not only regained its vitality, but also became closer to the consumer.